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Opinion public created in 2010

The company was created in 2010 by five founding members, Etienne Béchard, Johann Clapson, Sidonie Fossé, Victor Launay and Arthur Louarti. Their link through friendship and their passion for dance have been forged at l’école Rudra Béjart and at Béjart Ballet Lausanne. They brought their experience and their inspiration of these prestigious institutions in the creation of the company. With more than fifteen creations in its repertoire, Opinion Public has explored a varied range of artistic expressions. From powerful ground anchoring to almost aerial duets, their choreographic writing became a mix of dynamic and fluid, evolving between neoclassical and contemporary. The soul of Opinion Public lives in the ability to address essential social themes. Through their choreographies, they explored the deepest passions, doubts and questions that drive humanity in its relationship to others, its environment, to current events and to the world. This engaging approach allowed the company to create a reasoning between the stage and the audience. The company combines its choreographic work with theatrical elements and innovative technologies to challenge the audience at each performance and encourage them to form their opinions. In short, Opinion Public embodies the harmonious fusion between its heritage based on the teachings of classical dance and its contemporary vision. This dynamic company continues to captivate the audiences around the world, continually pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance while honoring its rich and inspiring past. In addition to performances in Belgium, Opinion Public were invited to produce multiple pieces, in Europe and in Russia by participating to international festivals, including Le Temps d’aimer in Biarritz, France, the Kuopio Dance Festival in Finland, the Black Box festival in Bulgaria, the Open Look Festival in St-Petersburg, at the Baltic Ballet Festival in Latvia, at Dance Routes in Vama, at the Festival Tanec Valmez in Czech Republic … In a captivating evolution and resolutely turned towards the future, the company marked a major turning point in its artistic direction with the arrival of Sidonie Fossé. Since this transition, the company continues to write a new page in its history, while honoring the foundations that have contributed to its uniqueness.

Sidonie Fossé


“Bringing together classical and contemporary dance, as well as the heritage and the present, for a creation resolutely focused on tomorrow” – Sidonie Fossé Sidone Fossé, born in 1986 in France, discovers her passion for dance at a really young age. She pursues a training in classical and contemporary dance at the CNR of Rouen and at the CNSMDP in France. She finishes her studies at the École Atelier Rudra-Béjart in Switzerland, where she directly joins the Béjart Ballet Lausanne under the direction of Maurice Béjart. After many years of experience, she co-founds the company Opinion Public in Brussels in 2010, where she actively participates in all creations. Alongside, Sidonie Fossé collaborated with other renown companies, such as the Grands Ballets Canadiens, the Bühnen Ballet Bern and the Opéra du Ballet du Rhin. Her choreographies explore a variety of techniques focusing on harmonizing with finesse the classical and contemporary dance, all whilst including the aerial dimension, groundwork and contact between the dancers to express multiple dynamics of the body. The distinctives traits of her work reside in her meticulous worry in detail, with a complex and demanding choreographic language serving deep themes and highlighting the intentions and human relationships between its dancers. She currently serves the artistic direction of the company, a troupe that she partly shaped, and she is determined to continue promoting its missions.

Image JPEG-F24CC5C8D258-1.jpeg

Choreographers and dancers

Sidonie Fossé_pierreschonbrodt.jpg

Sidonie Fossé

Director, cofounder, choreographer and dancer


Johann Clapson 

Cofounder, choreographer and dancer


Victor Launay

Cofounder, choreographer and dancer

photo Tars site_edited_edited.png

Tars Vandebeek



Larissa Dorella


Mateo Castelletta_edited.png
Tanzplattform 2023-37.jpg

Matteo Castelletta


Costume and lighting designers

photo Emma Paris_edited.jpg
photo Emma Paris_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Emma Paris

Costume designer

Portait Théo Baudras_edited_edited.jpg
Portait Théo Baudras_edited.png

Théo Baudras

Lighting designer and stage manager



SOFAR 3 HD.j.jpg




Sidonie Fossé manages to surprise the jury with the piece “So’far”

— Journaliste, Journal Jungfrau

Tanzplattform 2023-4_edited.png

The jury prize was awarded to the play “So’Far”, which also received the audience prize from the Tanzplattform.

— Journaliste, Berner Kultur News

Image JPEG-820E1F6A4AA4-1_edited.png

Poetry, thrills, amplitude, technical mastery: not to be missed are the two new creations Empty Room and Green Reset

— Stéphanie Bocart, La Libre


Empty Room, this piece between romanticism and physical prowess, left no one indifferent.

— Jean-Luc Vezon, Magcentre

The two duos are distinguished by the flawless technical mastery of the performers and the delicious accents of the classical training of the founders of the company (Béjart Ballet Lausanne) of which we can still perceive the reminiscences.

— Didier Beclard, Les Suricates

Rocking chair camille CharlotteSampermans.jpg

A new lease of life for the dance company Opinion Public

— Stéphanie Bocart, La Libre


The purpose of our work is above all that the public appreciates our creations

— Sidonie Fossé, Culture Ixelle

New creation “Contact Zéro” born in the street at the end of the first confinement.

— Stéphanie Bocart, Lalibre



The company Opinion Public offers workshops and masterclasses in Belgium as well as during its tours. In partnership with local theaters, schools and other organizations, this sessions offers the artists of all around the world the opportunity to submerge themselves into the universe of the company whilst exploring particular techniques employed by our performers.


Reservations are required via the caatalog below, for any questions do not hesitate to contact us by email at Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the company’s choreographic work!