Welcome to ARCADIA, a region so close to perfection that idyllic landscapes are commonplace, where all the wonders of the world are compiled. With just one click, you are propelled to the joysticks of a game where your character will obey you with your finger and the eye, and reproduce your every move with virtuosity and agility. Our programmers will make you shudder through the multitude of proposed scenarios more intoxicating than the others. Players and avatars from around the world, you are invited to the greatest extrasensorial experience in the history of humanity, abandon your old carcasses and carcasses, flee from the grueling boredom of the real and enter ARCADIA, country of immensity possible, sanctuary of your most unavowed desires ...



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Mr. Follower, a man reserved and uninteresting, becomes overnight star of the small screen. Happened in the emptiness of the world of show business, here it is metamorphosed by its popularity: change of costume, habits and climb dopée of false pretenses.
The enthusiasm and humor of the five dancers of the Compagnie Public Opinion associated with the trio of live musicians Papership transcend the routine of Mr Follower, a lambda spectator living in fusional harmony with his small screen. After Bob'Art and Post Anima, they are now entering a stunning cathodic universe at the Truman Show.



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POST ANIMA is a reflection on the theme of the Man and the machine.
  Coupled in a game of domination, control, manipulation, machination and reciprocity, locked up in a perpetual gyratory movement, these two protagonists (Man and Machine) appear in turn as victims and executioners of their own alienation , Fueling the competition and interdependence that binds and separates them, confronting each other on the altar of efficiency and productivity.



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The company OPINION PUBLIC presents its 2013 creation, "Bobart", born of a desire to offer the public a satire of the drifts of contemporary art. With this in mind, the performing arts will be the most targeted and especially their penchant for an excessive psychologism which eventually disconnects the spectacle of its art and its public. A genuine "cerebral masturbation" organized and subsidized by a system of social networks with little wisdom about the expectations of artists and the public. It is in a game between dance and theatrical arts and under the accent of derision that the company OPINION PUBLIC proposes a quality spectacle to laugh at those who are even more funny ...



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The first part of Obsolescence looks at the degrading effects of obsolescence on the human being as a physical and mortal entity. Through a play on tortured and spasmodic bodies and movements and a visual analogy on the image of the mannequin and the puppet, allegorical forms of the ignorant and manipulated human are exposed, subjected to the cliché as well as Popularization and vanity of his actions. The latter finds himself at his expense, staged as products from a factory, personified in matrix, glacial and mechanical ...
 The second part of the piece proposes a staging of the different proponents of obsolescence. There will be multiple interactions between man and object, man desiring the object, the object taking human form. Hence the interplay of technical, video and light effects referring to technology and its predominant influence on the modern individual. The image of the bulb, a veritable mascot of obsolescence as well as that of light, a symbol of a blind progressivism will eventually become crushing for human destiny like monsters of fatality ...



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"Apartheid", an eloquent title, a term that sounds in our ears of well-thinking Westerners as synonymous with an austere policy, advocating exclusion, segregation and ghettoization. Indeed, it represents a foil to our idea of ​​democracy. Yet these negative aspects abound in our so-called policed ​​societies. Racism, intolerance, community withdrawal, all of which are also de-socializing effects due to our exaggerated individualism, which has led us to ignore our neighbors today. From ignorance leading to fear and fear to hatred, the West is seen to melt in ordinary violence, causing the degradation of the social fabric by the domination of hateful clichés, communitarianism and private interests. It is to denounce these perverse effects too little emphasized that the company Opinion Public signs this new creation, dealing with neighborhood narratives, a deeper problem, the separatism of classes, applied slyly to our societies imprinted with An egalitarianism and a dying pacifism ...



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Imagine a world in the form of a closed session in which education, information, power and speech would be held by one and the same omnipotent entity. This world is that of a single thought, a single voice, a single opinion and its subjects, guinea pigs and victims. But it is also that of a scene and an audience, that of a proposed vision. Such is the dreamy and disturbing universe of "Public Opinion", a spontaneous creation born from an unreal perspective but which seems to knock on our doorstep ...



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05-09/12/17 ARCADIA
Théâtre MARNI (BE) réservations

13/01/18 ARCADIA
CC Waterloo (BE)

18/04/18 ARCADIA
CC Comines Warneton (BE)

26/04/18 ARCADIA
CC Nivelles (BE)

15/09/16 BOB'ART
Théâtre le Baladin Savièse (CH) réservation

05-06/11/16 ...CUPIDON S'EN FOUT
La Filature Mulhouse (FR) réservations

08/11/16 ...CUPIDON S'EN FOUT
La Filature Mulhouse (FR) réservations

16-20/11/16 ...CUPIDON S'EN FOUT
Opéra de Strasbourg (FR) réservations

13-17/12/16 Mr. FOLLOWER
Théâtre Marni ( BE ) réservations

02/02/17 Mr. FOLLOWER
CC Nivelles ( BE ) réservations

20/04/17 Mr. FOLLOWER Rosey
Concert Hall Rolle (CH) réservations

29/10/15 POST ANIMA
CC Woluwe St Pierre ( BE ) réservations

04-12/12/15 Mr. FOLLOWER
Théâtre Marni ( BE ) réservations

16/12/15 BOB’ART
Théâtre de Vevey ( CH ) réservations

30/01/16 Mr. FOLLOWER
CC Waterloo ( BE ) réservations

10-11/02/16 POST ANIMA
Théâtre Marni ( BE ) réservations

18/02/16 POST ANIMA
CC Nivelles ( BE ) réservations

19/02/16 POST ANIMA
CC Comines Warneton (BE) réservations

20/02/16 POST ANIMA
CC Soignies ( BE ) réservations

26/02/16 POST ANIMA
CC Bertrix ( BE ) réservations

04/03/16 POST ANIMA
MC Marche ( BE ) réservations

Baltic Ballet Festival Riga (Latvia)

Baltic Ballet Festival Preili (Latvia)

31/05/16 APART/HEID
The Black Box Festival Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

08>11/10/14 POST ANIMA
Théâtre MARNI / Bruxelles / Belgique

14/11/14 POST ANIMA
CC de Adelberg / Lommel / Belgique

16/01/15 BOB'ART
BERTRIX / Belgique

22>23/01/15 BOB'ART
OTTIGNIES / Belgique

27/01/15 BOB'ART
NIVELLES / Belgique

30/01/15 BOB'ART
CC de Comines Warneton / Belgique

07/02/15 POST ANIMA
CC de WATERLOO/ Belgique

06/03/15 BOB'ART
BIENNE / Suisse

MONTARGIS Agglo / France

13/09/13 BOB’ART
Festival Temps d’Aimer Biarritz France

19/10/13 BOB’ART
Salle St-John’s Drève Richelle 146 1410 Waterloo

25/10/13 APART/HEID
CC De Adelberg 1 Adelbergpark 3920 Lommel

07>08/11/13 OPINION PUBLIC
W:Halll 93 Avenue Charles Thielemans 1150 Bruxelles

25/01/14 BOB’ART
CC Bagnères de Bigorre France

28>29/01/14 BOB’ART
Festival on y danse - CWB - Paris

05>08/02/14 BOB’ART
Théâtre MARNI Rue de Vergniers 25 1050 Bruxelles

28/02/14 APART/HEID
CC de SPA rue Servais, 8 4900 Spa

10/04/14 BOB’ART
Baltic Ballet Festival Preili Latvia

12/04/14 BOB’ART
Baltic Ballet Festival Riga Latvia

31/05/14 BOB’ART
The Black Box Festival Plovdiv Bulgaria

21/06/14 APART/HEID
Mouvement Music Festival Waterloo Belgique

27/09/12 APART/HEID
W:Halll - Centre Culturel de Woluwe Saint-Pierre
93 Avenue Charles Thielemans - 1150 Bruxelles

19>20/01/13 BOB’ART
W:Halll - Centre Culturel de Woluwe Saint-Pierre
93 Avenue Charles Thielemans - 1150 Bruxelles

02/02/13 APART/HEID
Espace Bernier - Centre culturel de Waterloo
Rue François Libert, 26 - 1410 Waterloo

27/03/13 APART/HEID
Théâtre de la Place
Place de l'Yser 1 · 4020 Liege

07/04/13 APART/HEID
Peja Kosovo

19/04/13 BOB’ART
Salle Mathieu De Geer
Parc Julienas 2 6940 Barvaux-sur-Ourthe

19/05/13 BOB’ART
Can Ventosa Teatro IBIZA

05/11/11 APART/HEID
W:Halll - Centre Culturel de Woluwe Saint-Pierre
93 Avenue Charles Thielemans
1150 Bruxelles

24>28/12/11 APART/HEID
Festival du Soleil

Salle Mathieu De Geer
Parc Julienas 2 6940 Barvaux-sur-Ourthe

W:Halll - Centre Culturel de Woluwe Saint-Pierre
93 Avenue Charles Thielemans
1150 Bruxelles

19/05/12 APART/HEID
Can Ventosa Teatro IBIZA

15>16/06/12 APART/HEID
Kuopio Dance Festival

28/07/12 Programme mixte
Festival Cuivres en Dombes
Lyon France

08>09/10/10 OPINION PUBLIC
Théâtre MARNI
Rue de Vergniers 25
1050 Bruxelles

W:Halll - Centre Culturel de Woluwe Saint-Pierre
93 Avenue Charles Thielemans
1150 Bruxelles


Etienne Bechard began dancing with Alexandra Clement and Jean-Gerald Dorseuil. In 2004 he was accepted into the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart, and in 2006 joined Bejart Ballet Lausanne, under the direction of Maurice Bejart, where he performed and created lead roles. In 2009 he worked with Joost Vrouenraets on his creation “Ex Orbis,” meanwhile also beginning his own choreographic work with the duet “Passager Clandestin.” With their new company Opinion Public, he presented his new creation, also titled “Opinion Public,” for their debut performances in October 2010.


Johann Clapson made his professional training with Alexandra Clement and Jean-Gerald Dorseuil in the Studio Dance Passion.  Entering the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart in 2004, he continued into the Bejart Ballet Lausanne under the direction of Maurice Bejart, where he interpreted many roles.  Then in 2010, he joined the choreographic work of Etienne Bechard and Opinion Public.


Sidonie Fossé - After training at the Conservatoire National de Region de Rouen and the Conservatoire National Superior de Musique et Danse Paris, Ms. Fosse entered the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart in 2005 and continued into the company of the Bejart Ballet Lausanne, under the direction of Maurice Bejart, in 2007.  In 2009 she worked in parallel with Joost Vroenraets, creating the main role for his “Ex Orbis”, and also had Bechard’s “Passager Clandestin” created for her.  In 2010 she decided to join the group Opinion Public.


Victor Launay began dancing with Max Bozzoni, furthering his studies at the Conservatoire National de Region de Boulogne, the CNSMD Paris, and in 2003 the Junior Ballet d’Aquitaine.  In 2005 he joined the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart.  Since 2007 he works regularly with the NCC Nantes in Claude Brumachon’s choreographies, also working with Christophe Garcia, Flora Thefaine, Stephanie Thiersch, Christian Bourigault and others.  In 2010 he joined his four friends as part of Opinion Public.



The company Opinion Public is composed of five dancers. While drawing inspiration from their personal and professional experience in the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the company is driven by a common desire: to create a distinctive choreographic style. This need of independence was confirmed in a project, has become a goal, a vision shared by each member. The title of the company is very significant to the ambition and scope of the pieces. In fact, topics are and will be approached related to the public and the place of man in various aspects of their lives, within different situations of society. A task almost titanic and an ambition "tantalienne" as the field of action wide. The subjects discussed are common to all, the company Opinion Public aims to be constantly evolving on human and artistic level. That is why it 's inspired and guided by events and circumstances, but never will freeze its vision ...

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